Welcome to the internet sites of Franjo and Neda Đirlić apartments in Smokvica on island Pag. We are here for you to turn your summer vacations or holidays into a magical experience. You are coming to Smokvica which is on uplift above sandy-gravel beach shaded with the morning sun-beams, and shines, until the last beam shows her beauty in west horizon. You are coming to a little place of serenity and silence and the only noise which can wake you up from a peaceful dream is maybe a beat of your watch or gentle tickeling of your partners heart.

By getting out of bed you can continue your relaxation on ship-terrace with the view of the gulf Pag, Vrsi, Nin, Privlaka and Vir archipelago. Beach underneath of apartment is truly magical, tempting you with her golden colors, created for resting, diving and other sea activities. For many years we are renting apartments but we are always getting some new dear guests and friends which are always gladly returning to us. Therefore, you can come to us with a trust.

Experience the best things given by the sea. Passionate fishermans have opportunity to go on recreational fishing with the host. With the scenic boat ride there are casting fishing nets, hooking, longlines and taking fresh fish out of the sea. All that you can experience from the first row and be a part of all this. Unavoidable is swimming in some of the beautiest coves on the way, and after fishing you can cook this food on a traditional way. To all our guests is available fireplace for roasting and barbecue. Therefore if you just simply have a wish to explore surrounding villages, your host can take you on a tour or rent you the same boat to see some others but equally beautiful beaches in near area.
Tavern shaped like a boat which is available for you, is product of many loving years of this family towards sea. This strange looking boat which is seaking from greenness, surrounded by it, has unshielded view and beautiful archipelago in front of it. When you come on ship-terrace you are loosing time concept and you wish that your holiday lasts forever. On the bottom of the ship is owners vineyard ,who will gladly offer you with the vine. Terrace-ship is convenient for bigger celebrations. If you come to Smokvica, you will find us easily, just follow accordion sounds gently played by the owner in tavern.